Updates on website

Starting with today, September the 3rd, I have started working on a new version on our website. www.mission2malawi.com has been unchanged since 2009 and recently, due to different problems experienced, I have decided to heavily modify it.

The new look will be better and more informative. It will give you, the reader, everything you need to know in the shortest amount of time. The landing page will now be in English language and contain quick info about the ministry, projects and financial information. The blog will be in a separate side of the page and will continue to be updated regularly.

The previous site, the one you’ve been used to, will continue to exist at: http://mission2malawi-eng.blogspot.com. Please note that it will no longer be updated. Every new post will appear on this new site.

Thank you for reading our site and I look forward to offer you a better experience!

Ovi Cornea

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