Work on Bible School continues…

Hope for the Future’s Bible Seminary in Zomba will train national pastors and send them to the villages of Malawi, for the purpose of planting churches and reaching people for Christ. We have now resumed the work on the building, the roof being the part that will be put up. The Lord provided almost all the money necessary and, although we still lack approximately $5,000, I believe that we will be able to make some good progress.

I would love to see this project completed and see the ministry started and working. We will have foreign pastors and teachers coming over and training the Malawians and I can already see the amazing impact it will have on tens of thousand if not hundreds of thousands of lives. Just think, if we train 100 men in the first 5 years, they will go back to 100 villages and start 100 churches. If every church has 100 or more members, we’re now talking about over 10,000 people reached with the Gospel. The initial 100 pastors will be trained to also train others themselves, so if every church sends just 1 man, we can reach an amazing number of people and villages. Compare that number with a handful of missionaries that are in the Southern Region of Malawi, and you will understand the importance of such a Bible School. The effectiveness of the work will be infinitely greater.

Pray for us as we build and, if you can, ask me how to be a part of this ministry.



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