Hope Baptist Church, Ntangaleya

Yesterday we worshipped our Lord together with our Brothers and Sisters from the village of Ntangaleya. Hope Baptist Church, Ntangaleya, is close to our church in Mpyupyu, and it is amazing to us to see the spread of the Gospel in the surrounding villages.

This church was planted in 2009 but didn’t have a pastor until recently. No one was ready enough to think they could lead God’s people until something amazing happened in the beginning of this year, when we had a Evangelistic Camp in the neighboring village of Mpyupyu. Together with our visitors from FBC Jackson, we were carrying on with the camp when some folks from Ntangaleya brought to us a dying child whom later God healed. You might remember Siyeni, the 14 year old boy who had an oversized belly. A few weeks later we took him to the hospital where, after 2 surgeries, he got better.

Well, people from Ntangaleya thought Siyeni would die and didn’t have much hope. God healed him and Siyeni’s grandfather was so amazed that he vowed to serve God. That’s exactly what he did and the people from the church voted him as their pastor! No one else in the village was more fit to become a pastor as someone who God touched in such amazing way! Praise the Lord for pastor Misinde.

Hope Baptist Church, Ntangaleya

The church body is still fairly small for a Malawian church but we trust the growth is just now starting. More importantly, we hope people will continue to experience God in amazing ways.

The time with the church in Ntangaleya was great! Our hearts were blessed by the short time we spent together on Sunday and we definitely look forward to another service in the future.

On a side note, Siyeni is doing so much better now. He is a happy boy, running, jumping and playing just like anybody else his age. Soon we will need to take him back to Blantyre for his regular check-up and we expect the doctors to remove the colostomy bag Siyeni had to endure while he was healing.

Pray for Siyeni and pray for the church in Ntangaleya. May the continue to see God’s hand at work in their lives!

Hope Baptist Church, Ntangaleya

Picture with the church body.

Hope Baptist Church, Ntangaleya

Enjoying a Malawian meal after the service.

Hope Baptist Church, Ntangaleya

With Aimee, Siyeni and Jessica.


Siyeni, in April 2016.

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