Roxana’s last day in Malawi

Today is Roxana’s last full day in Malawi and tomorrow, at 15:30, she will be flying out, leaving Africa and the ministry of Hope for the Future where she worked as a volunteer for the past 3 months. Being Sunday, we all went to Kachere, where the church people showed their love and gratitude towards her. Those of you who had the privilege to worship with the church in Kachere know their love for Christ and for all the visitors that we have. Roxana was overwhelmed with gifts of love, everything from pumpkins to maize and chicken.

The children of Hope for the Future Orphan Care & Feeding Centre prepared a few songs and made sure they also let Roxana know of their love.

Roxana’s time in Malawi seems to have gone very quick and the reason is she kept herself busy all the time. She walked a lot in different villages, visiting people and making valuable relationships. In Malawi, that very thing shows love and appreciation and people will never forget once you visit them at their homes. She also worked with the children at the Orphanage and taught hygiene at Hope for the Future Elementary School.

One of the most important things she has done was to visit all the orphans and record up-to-date informations about all of them. That in itself is a lot of work, as she had to do a lot of leg work during the day and computer work during the evenings.

Above everything else, we trust the Lord had worked in her life, showing her the ministry, the work and the needs of the Malawian people, especially the spiritual ones.

All is left now is to pray that Roxana will continue to stay in God’s will as she will seek to understand what He has in plan for her for the future.

Hope for the Future will continue to receive interns that have a strong desire to serve God on a foreign mission field. Malawi is probably the safest country in Africa and Hope for the Future is a well known and established ministry that has the potential to provide the training required for anyone who wants to serve God full-time. We don’t seek to keep all the interns here (although we would definitely love to increase our team) that’s why we are happy to be a stepping stone towards other countries/ministries. As veteran missionaries on the field, we want to be used by God in any way for the spread of the Gospel to the ends of the world. Check this page for further info: Volunteer.

Volunteer Hope for the Future

Volunteer Hope for the Future

Volunteer Hope for the Future

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