New look

Our site has received a new look which we hope will make it cleaner and easier to navigate through. The landing page ( will contain updated pictures, some important posts and the last 4 blog articles. The menu on top is easier to see and hopefully more intuitive.

Blog will always take you here, to the blog, where all the articles will be.

Ministry – will give you a brief overlook over the entire ministry in Malawi. You will probably enjoy to see a zoomable map with all the locations we work in.

Orphans in Kachere and Orphans in Mpyupyu  are the pages which contain the names and pictures of all the children we currently feed. The pages are restricted to sponsors only. Read here for more info.

Projects will list all the projects we have ongoing. Would you prayerfully consider helping us?

Photos? Oh my, enjoy some of our best photos taken throughout the 10 years we’ve in Africa here so far.

Be involved menu has several sub-menus because you can pray for us, give to us, come to us, send someone else to us or use some of our resources to promote our ministry among your friends, church or beyond. PS: Make a cool tshirt with our logo and when someone asks you about it, tell them about Hope for the Future in Malawi.

Donate section is there because PayPal makes it so fast and easy… Try it!

Any questions? Contact us.

Last but not the least member of the menu is the translation feature. If you ever land on the Romanian side of things, press the US flag and we will immediately take you to the right side.

Top-right and center-right contain two more links: our Facebook page and our small Youtube channel.

We hope you will enjoy the new look and find it easy and intuitive.

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