Africa is calling…

The 3 months of furlough have come to an end and, yet again, we have to jump on an airplane and go. This time, though, we’re going home. Africa home!

We left Malawi on June 18th and, after almost 40 hours (flights, layovers and driving) we arrived home, in Romania. Soon after we arrived, the camps started and we were involved in the Romanian side of the ministry for an entire month. Even before the camp season properly ended, I flew to the US where I stayed for the next 5 weeks.

I am grateful that the Lord opened doors and hearts for the ministry in Malawi both in Romania and in the US. I visited several new churches and met with different individuals who showed interest in the ministry in Malawi. Although the first half of 2018 was filled with trials and hardships, this second half was blessed by God and we can now go back to Africa knowing, once again, that His hand will continue to be on us.

Africa is calling...

As I write these words our luggages are spread all over the living room floor, ready to accept their load of clothes, toys and stuff that must go to the other continent. Tomorrow, Friday, we will leave North Romania and drive for almost 7 hours. We will spend the night at my brother’s place and, Saturday night, we will board the first of the 3 planes that will take us back to Africa.

Our route is: Romania -> Qatar -> South Africa -> Malawi. Lord willing, we will arrive Monday, September 17th, at 12:05 noon.

Pray for an easy journey and for some rest on the long flight (Qatar – South Africa: over 8 hours). Pray that we, and our luggage, arrive safe in Malawi.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. May God bless you and reward you greatly.

Africa is calling. We must go.

Africa is calling...

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  1. Dumnezeu sa va pazeasca de orice rau sa va sfinteasca vietile sa va fie alaturi. El va pus acolo pentru ca a stiut ca puteti duce acea lucrare si nu usoara. Mai adteptam vesti si noi cei de la Golgota si va incredintam in mina Domnului ca sa ba poarte in carul Lui de biruinta. Fiti binecuvintati si binecuvintare. Sa aveti drum bun

  2. We really enjoyed seeing you at Woodland Hills Baptist Church in Newcastle, Oklahoma. We plan on supporting your ministry.

    Troy and Cheryl Cothren

  3. Bonita and I want a shirt! ;0)

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