Revving up the engines

Welcome back our faithful ministry partners and supporters. I know it’s been a long time since my previous post, but I’m promising you this is about to change because I have great news: We’re revving up our engines for the next stage of the ministry!!!

If you remember my post from 2 years ago – and if you don’t just click here to read it – I listed there the 5 R’s that would define our sabbatical time: Rest, Renew, Reflect, Recharge and Rev. Well, I’m here to tell you that we’ve done

all 4 and God has been revving up the engines in our lives for some time now! Yes, we’re preparing to go back to Malawi, to continue to serve God, grow the ministry and mobilize churches to be a part of His work in Africa and beyond.

Revving up the engines

I’m keeping this post short but I do want to encourage you to do one thing: I’ve had a Youtube channel for quite a while now, but I’ve used it more like a storage box for all the important video files. In the recent weeks I’ve been slowly releasing them to the public because I want to share with you all my experiences. I did a lot of drive recordings because I never want to forget what it feels like to drive on those dirt roads – and I mean this in the best way possible – because I truly miss those simple, free, village roads. I would rather drive on those roads, and take the Gospel to a remote village, than be on any highway or interstate.

I have a few drone footages as well, because it’s a hobby of mine but also another way to immortalize something beautiful – Africa – from a different perspective. I hoard pictures and once in a great while I like to go back in time and remember what God did and where He took me. I believe pictures are memories that we can save for later, so I’m trying to save as much as I can!

But more than drive or drone videos I love the ministry and what God called me to do. Africa truly flows through my veins and I love it dearly, so on my channel you will find a lot of videos I took in Malawi: at the school, at the feeding centres, in different churches, sad videos, silly videos and happy ones.

In the recent week or so I’ve done 3 special videos in a series I’m entitling: “A missionary’s tale…” Almost 60% of the world’s population is online and I want to use this to benefit God’s work. For better or worse, Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube and others form today’s playground; this is where the majority of our children spend time and where almost all the youth socialize. I want to reach them where they’re at!

So, for them and for you, I’m doing these videos where I will be taking on a journey, my journey, our journey. I’m sharing with you how we get ready, how we prepare, what steps we need to take, how we apply for a visa, then how we travel and arrive in Africa. Even better, I plan on sharing with you my day to day activities, a day in a life of a missionary.

All I’m asking is you would share these videos with someone interested. I’m not looking for subscribers or fame, all I want is to show everyone how God called us to do ministry so that others may see it is possible. I don’t think many missionaries share their day to day ministry on Youtube, so I want to be one who does. Help me out.

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