Church gathering in Makandanje

In the beginning of this month we had a special Sunday and several churches and pastors attended. It was a great day, with all the choirs singing, pastors greeting the other churches, food for everyone and just a great time of fellowship.

Our time in Africa is short this year so in order to meet as many churches as possible, we have to organize meetings such as this one. I love to be able to reach more people at once and we all enjoy the fellowship; win-win!

Makandanje is one of the villages we have a church in, and it is called Masau Hope Baptist Church. Masau is a tree that produces the fruit with the same name, a sort of jungle fruit I tried and I liked. In the pictures below, the Masau tree is the one in the back, curved to the right. The pastor of this church is Brother Katerere.

There were a total of 7 churches attending this special service, with the host church being the 8th. In addition, 5 pastors from different churches were also there, so we had a total of 13 pastors. We also had some present and past students from our Bible School as well as the local chief. All in all, a good day to fellowship and preach the Gospel.

All these pastors were very kind and they brought us gifts, to express their gratitude for us coming back to Malawi. You see, we’ve been missing for 20 months due to our 1-year Sabbatical but also due to complications related to covid19 and then Aimee’s back problems. In short, we were out of Malawi for longer than anyone anticipated and these people were very happy to have us back! The experience was very moving and humbling and I wasn’t expecting it. My best gift for them that day was to share, once again, about the free gift of God: eternal life through Jesus Christ (Rom. 6:23).
Our best gift for them everyday is our very presence here!

At the end of my message I did an invitation and asked people to think about their future. I preached from Rev. 20:11-15, about their day at the judgment seat of Christ. I asked them if they were ready to stand before the Judge of Judges? Are you ready for that day? Are you ready to have the books of your life opened and God to judge you based on what’s been recorded there? Will God find your name in His Book of Life?

“And if anyone’s name was not found written in the book of life, he was thrown into the lake of fire.”

Rev. 20:15
Church gathering in Makandanje
The blue dot shows you where we’re at!
Church gathering in Makandanje
Church gathering in Makandanje
Church gathering in Makandanje
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