Mpyupyu: education for 135 children

Breaking the cycle of poverty through education!

130 primary school children and 5 high schoolers in Mpyupyu are being kept in school for the fourth year now, by the grace of God and due to the generosity of those who pray and give towards this need, especially the church in Jackson, GA.

Hope for the Future team in Malawi has contracted tailors from Mpyupyu, who have taken measurments for every child. They will all have new uniforms and their school fees will be paid for the entire year.
These 135 children go to 7 different schools in and around Mpyupyu. The high schoolers go to as far as Blantyre.

Alongside this amazing work in Mpyupyu, we have a Primary School in Kachere – which is owned by us – school where almost 800 children come to receive education every single day.
This project is also dependent on God’s grace and the generosity of those who give. It needs money to pay bills, pay teachers salaries, do maintenance, etc. We keep our school free so everyone can have access to education and, through that, access to a better future!

Mpyupyu: education for 135 children
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