Stanley needs a new car

The ministry in Malawi is growing and this means we need to travel a lot, most of the times on very bad roads.

Back in 2017, after I returned from Romania, I managed to buy this small car for Stanley; he used it ever since, both for the ministry and for his family. After tens of thousands of miles covered, the little Toyota Passo is ready to give up its ghost. Stanley can barely used it now, as it constantly shuts down in the middle of the road. We tried to fix it many times but each time a mechanic touched it, things were worse than before. At this point, the little Passo – pictured at the bottom of this page – can no longer be trusted to take Stanley to our Primary School in Kachere or his family to church on Sunday.

I’m trying to raise $6,000 to get Stanley a used truck or a small SUV, something with high clearance.

I want to ask you to prayerfully consider helping our ministry in Malawi in this way. Stanley is my right hand guy here, a trustworthy and faithful man! His ability to travel is essential to our work! Please give.

You can send a cheque to your church or our church in the US, you can use PayPal or even our US bank account. Whichever way you choose, we’re grateful and may God bless you!

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Car for Stanley

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Toyota Passo is a small car with a tiny, 0.9L and 3 pistons engine. It’s also low to the ground and the oil pan was damaged several times. We plan on selling it, to offset the cost of the new car a little bit.

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