New church plant in Katunga 2

By God’s grace, the ministry in Malawi is growing just about on a daily basis!!! Fred Khaula, a second year Bible School student, is planting a new church in the village of Katunga 2. He graduated at our school in the crazy year of 2020 and, until now, has been serving alongside his father, pastor Kenneth Khaula, in Bwanali.

New church plant in Katunga 2
Fred Khaula, circled in yellow, graduating in 2020

1 year in school and 2 years under his father later and Fred is ready to go and make disciples!

Our vision to train 100 men, send them to 100 villages to plant 100 churches is slowly taking shape!

My desire is to help them with a church building. If the Lord lays on your heart, please donate on our page HERE towards a church building in Katunga 2.
Lord willing, we will be building a church for these believers as soon as possible.

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