Pocket change for change

Pocket change for change

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Hope for the Future Primary School in Kachere, Malawi exists because of a need. We’ve noticed how lack of education in this community affected everybody, effectively keeping every generation stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty. It is estimated that 70% of the adults in the rural areas of Malawi are illiterate. Uneducated parents don’t send their children to school, thus perpetuating the constant problems Africa has: poverty, sickness, corruption. We wanted to break this vicious circle, to initiate a change that will ripple through the next generations. The solution: a school.


Brief History.

Aug. 2016 – Building for the first 2 blocks, grades 1 – 4, office and restrooms begins. Read more.
Dec. 2016 – Official opening of the school. Read more.
Jan. 2017 – First day of school, with a total of 480 children enrolled.
Jun. 2017 – Building for the 3rd block, grades 5 and 6, begins. Read more.
Sep. 2018 – 763 children are enrolled in grades 1 – 5.
Jun. 2019 – Building for the 4th block, grades 7 and 8, begins.
Jul. 2019 –  3rd end of school year celebration. Those who started in 2017 in 1st grade are now in grade 4. Read more.
Sep. 2019 – Over 800 children are expected to attend classes, grades 1 – 7.
Sep. 2020 – Over 900 children are expected to attend all 8 grades. Every year!


The need.

The buildings are completed, the school is in motion and education is happening every single day but we need your help to continue doing that. It costs us $3/child/month to educate them. Only $3/month.

Would you consider partnering with Hope for the Future and help us continue to provide free education to the Malawian children?


Ways to help.

We have several options you could use, either online or offline. Below you can choose between PayPal (online, no account required, works with your debit/credit card) or by cheque. For even more options (bank transfers, Revolut, TransferWise) please contact us.

Pocket change for change

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