Mission Trip Information

Information up to date as of May 30, 2022.
Thank you for your interest in coming to Malawi. Here is what needs to be done prior to your trip to Malawi:

First and foremost, Malawi requires all arriving air travelers produce either a negative PCR test or proof of Covid-19 vaccination. Both are no longer required.
The PCR test should be not older than 72 hours at the time of your arrival.
Covid-19 vaccination means 1 shot for Johnson-Johnson vaccine and 2 for the rest of them (Pfizer, Moderna, etc.); booster shots are not currently required. If you’re not vaccinated when you arrive (and you don’t have a negative PCR test), you will be required to vaccinate here.

Please make sure you have your test or your vaccination certificate ready for inspection at the airport. I recommend you have a hard copy as well.

  1. Personal Application Form. Make sure you and every member of your team fills in this Personal Application Form. If you’ve done this in the past, you don’t need to do it again.
  2. Reference Letter. The pastor or a deacon from your church should fill the Reference Letter, once for every new individual. Repeat this form for the same individual only if your recommendation has changed.

    Once these two forms have been submitted and accepted, you can proceed to apply for a visa.
  3. E-visa. Malawi is requesting all visitors apply online for a visa. In some situations, visa on arrival is still granted, but things are changing quickly and the e-visa is the safest way to go.
    To start, you will need to head over to https://evisa.gov.mw and create an account. When the page opens, you will find the “Login” button at the top right of the page. Click on that and then, on the next page, you will have the possibility to Register a new account. Alternatevely, you could also just click here: Register a new Account.

    Each individual should create their own account, except for families, which can share an account. In this case, one would be the account holder and the rest dependents.

    This process should be simple for everyone but, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to assist you. I also recorded a video a while back, which should is still relevant: Going to Africa: e-Visas for Malawi – how to apply for an online visa.

    At the time writing of this post, the visa fee was $52/person. If all the information provided is correct, your visa should be approved within 1 week, although it can take longer. Some people have been experiencing issues at the last step, the payment. If I understand correctly, Malawi is using a gateway widely accepted in Europe, which requires all the debit and credit cards to be enrolled in a system called 3D Secure. As some people from the States were unable to pay using their credit cards, we recommend you try with a personal debit card. If it still doesn’t work, we can help by paying your visa for you, in which case, you will just refund the cost later.

If you have any other questions or need more information, feel free to contact me.

We look forward to say to you: Welcome to Malawi! Takulandirani!

Mission Trip Information
Mission Trip Information

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