Our new intern: Roxana

Hope for the Future Baptist Mission in Malawi has recently started an internship program, where young men and women can come for a short period of time in order to observe our ministry and prayerfully consider where God may lead them for the future.

The ministry in Malawi is growing fast and we feel one of our greatest needs is for more manpower, for more workers on the mission field. With God-given coworkers, the ministry in Malawi can be much more efficient both in reaching people with the Gospel and also in helping those in need.

We knew about this need at least 2 years ago and we are extremely happy to see that at least 1 person answered this call. Our future intern’s name is Roxana, she is from east Romania and she will be joining Hope for the Future Malawi in just a few weeks.

Roxana with Hope for the Future

Although we personally know Roxana for a long time, her relationship with the Malawi Mission goes at least 2 years back when, while on our furlough, we had a chance to talk to her more about what God is doing over here. Not long after that, she had become a part of the ministry with the orphans, by faithfully sponsoring one child. Herself being an orphan, Roxana clearly understood the depth of the pain these children go through, by growing up without the support of parents.

After surrendering her life to Jesus, following her grandmother’s example, Roxana felt that her duty in this world is to care for children that hurt. She constantly prayed for ways she could help them, serve them. After graduating the University of Medicine in Romania, Roxana did what she was always meant to do: care for the little ones that needed love. God used her pain to heal others and, doing that, her soul also got healed.

Being the oldest among her 10 siblings, Roxana had to make sure they are all taken care of. The last ones took off from home not to long ago and now she is finally free to serve those that need her the most: the children in Malawi.

Roxana told us that God calls her to come join us in Malawi; she satisfied all our requirements (the English page may not be updated yet) and was approved by her pastor and church. She announced her decision in her church and they are ready to support her in every way possible.

We are now waiting for her visa to be approved and she is ready to come.

Hope for the Future’s internship program is NOT a paid program in any way. The intern comes with the purpose to see and observe the ministry in Malawi in all of its forms, while making sure he/she can self support. All the volunteering will be mission oriented only.

If the intern desires to work with Hope for the Future full term, he/she will need to leave the country, as per Malawi Immigration rules. His/her application will be considered and, if approved, the necessary steps will be taken in securing him/her with a TEP (Temporary Employment Permit). Further extensions of that visa can be also considered.

Roxana will be with us for the next 3 months, loving and serving those precious children we take care of in Kachere and Mpyupyu. Her personal experience with orphanages, pain and the sense of feeling rejected will give her all the tools she needs to help our kids.

We look forward to a good, profitable time in the ministry. Pray for Roxana, as the culture shock will definitely send her emotions on a rollercoaster. Malawi is the poorest country on earth, and seeing/experiencing that will change anyone for life.

Of course, if you read this and want to be an intern with Hope for the Future, you can contact us and ask us how.

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