Interns: John & Austin

John & Austin
Me with John and Austin

For the next 1 month we’re going to enjoy the company of 2 dedicated young men, John and Austin, who came with the GA team and stayed behind to help us a bit more.

Both of them have been here before; John has been coming since 2014 and Austin since 2015. They love working with the kids and doing Sports Camps. This time around, they’re here to see the inner workings of the ministry, the behind the scenes aspect of Hope for the Future. They’re here to help me and to help my team.

Internship at Hope for the Future is not always easy; the pay is nonexistent, the hours are crazy and the conditions are below what you’d expect, but the reward is eternal. The boys will get a taste of what mission work is all about when there are no mission teams around. They will also see what it means to live in a third world country.

We truly appreciate when young people like John and Austin (and others who came before them), sacrifice their money and time to do something that counts. There are many ways you could spend your summer, but only one which truly matters: for God!

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