Bible School – 2nd generation of students

As the school year at our Tom Gentry Bible Training Centre is coming to an end, we are preparing things for the next generation of students who will start next month.

Bible School - 2nd generation of students

Between Nov. 4 – 8, Pastor Keith will teach the last – the 10th – session of intensive courses for the current generation of students. Starting with Nov. 11 and until November next year, 16 new students will go through the same courses, for the purpose of preparing them for a life of ministry, serving and pastoring a church.

100 young men sent to 100 villages to plant 100 churches.

Our goal

Today, 24 young men sent and recommended by their pastors/churches, came to the Mission House and took a simple test which will help us with the selection process. We only have a few requirements: students should know how to read/write and should have a calling or at least a strong desire to follow Jesus. Their pastors, on their hand, have carefully selected them from among all those interested to come. As their spiritual leaders, their responsibility was to find and send to us young men who love the Lord and want to learn more about Him so they can serve Him for the rest of their lives.

As a matter of praise report, at least one of our current students (from the 1st generation) is already serving the Lord as a pastor. Looking at our goal above, we still have a ways to go but we are very excited about this beginning.

Bible School - 2nd generation of students
Bible School - 2nd generation of students
Bible School - 2nd generation of students
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