Hope Baptist Church, Ntoliwa

Today Stanley, Samuel and I visited a new church, in a village called Ntoliwa. This is part of a district called Phalombe.

We have been working with pastor Macfreson Mokowa for more than 1 year now but I have not yet visited them, due to the work with the new church plants in Nasedegu and Bwanali. This church was planted in 1999 and they have no one to visit and help them.

Hope Baptist Church, Ntoliwa
Hope Baptist Church, Ntoliwa

Initially, I wanted to preach from 1 Thessalonians 4: 1-12, urging the people, just like Paul did, to “do more and more” in these 2 important areas: sanctification and brotherly love. Half way through my preaching the Holy Spirit told me that some people in the church are dead, that is spiritually dead. I changed the sermon, preached the Gospel, talked about sin, God and eternity and 7 people got saved today! Praise the Lord!!!

Hope Baptist Church, Ntoliwa
Born again

Be in prayer for this church, for pastor Mokowa and for these 7 ladies who started walking with Jesus today. From left to right, these are their names:
Back row, from the lady in white: Tamala, Patricia, Felesta and Ethel.
Front row, from the lady in blue: Esther, Joyce and Esther again.

Below you have an interactive map with all the mission points we have across Malawi. You can zoom using the + and – buttons in the lower left corner, you can drag the map around with your mouse or finger, you can click on a point to see more about it, you can reveal a list of all the point if you click on the top left icon and you can even make it full screen by pressing on the top right icon.

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