Dual citizenship for our kids. DONE!

In the beginning of this year I wrote about a major event in the life of our family, the process of obtaining dual citizenship for our three children, namely getting them the US citizenship alongside their existing Romanian one.

The process started in May 2019, although we’ve been praying for this for several years at that point. Initially, the appointment was set for March 2020, and we were supposed to be in WI, to appear before a USCIS official. As we all know, covid19 happened and our appointment was cancelled a few days before the date. Of course, we were already in the US at that point.

Dual citizenship for our kids. DONE!
Jessica, proud of her US passport

The date kept getting pushed but it finally happened in July. It was then our kids became US citizens!!!

After getting the Certificates of Citizenship, we knew we had to get them their US passports but, once again, covid19. Offices were either closed or severely backlogged and we couldn’t wait any longer. Our 1 month trip to the US was already extended to 5 months and we needed to get back home.

Last week, now in December 2020, we finally got around to drive the 9-hour long road to the US Embassy here in Romania, where we applied for their passports. As of yesterday, our kids have their shiny US passports!!!

Dual citizenship for our kids. DONE!
Aimee, posing with both her passports

As I shared many times before, we believe that getting US citizenship for our children was, first and foremost, their right. Secondly, this is very important for their future, as it will open many more doors for study, work or ministry.

2020 was a crazy year, a year we all want to forget and put behind us. For us, the Cornea family, it was an amazing year, God has shown us many times He is in control, regardless of the situation around us. Everything we set out to do for this year, the Lord helped us accomplish it and even more.

I am very grateful to everyone who prayed or supported us during this entire process. It was lengthy, it was complicated at times and it wasn’t cheap, but God used many of you to make this happen. THANK YOU!

Dual citizenship for our kids. DONE!
Ethan is an American now!!!
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