Bible School: graduation & new year

Yesterday, Jan. 15, 2022, we had the graduation of the 3rd generation of students at Tom Gentry Bible Training Center in Malawi! 14 young men successfully completed all the requirements and received their diplomas.

Although it may seem like an end of a journey for them, it truly is a beginning: the beginning of a new ministry God called each one of them.

The ministry with the Bible School started back on Nov. 12, 2018, with 16 students. From that day and until now, God was with us, blessing us and providing for our needs. We had students, teachers, online courses and resources necessary for the day to day expenses. It wasn’t always easy or simple, but it was beautiful and I believe nothing is more beautiful than seeing a generation finishing and a new one beginning! Praise God for all these young men and may they dedicate their lives to serve Him!

Bible School: graduation & new year

Mission statement, vision, objective and the plan for this ministry: Tom Gentry Bible Training Center.
Graduation of the 1st generation.
Graduation of the 2nd generation.

A total of 45 students graduated this Bible School from the beginning and until now. Many of them pastor their own churches, others pastor alongside their pastors but all of them actively serve the Lord!
Tomorrow, Jan. 17, we will begin with the new generation of students: the 4th one! Pray for us!

Due to the fact we are in Romania for our daughter’s scoliosis treatment and because of the restrictions in Malawi, I couldn’t personally be there with them. Even so, a good number of locals participated, among them the students, their pastors, other pastors and several other guests. I was with them by Skype, so was pastor Keith from GA, pastor Ed from KY and others. A total of 20 viewers watched the event on Skype, while about 15 folks watched the graduation live-streamed at the church in GA. All in all it was a good time and our fellowship was sweet.

Bible School: graduation & new year
Bible School: graduation & new year
Bible School: graduation & new year
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