Chisomo & Chinsinsi: a story of salvation

This is the difference that 12 years can make in a life of a child. These are the Chiwaya twins, Chisomo and Chinsinsi. The first picture was taken in 2012, soon after we started the Feeding Centre in Kachere. The twin girls were going to get water, as Kachere had no well at the time. They were supposed to be in school, but Kachere also had no school. The church in Kachere had just started and we were praying for their salvation. It was a time of no hope, no future and no faith.

The next picture was taken in 2024 and we tried to recreate the same pose. Chinsinsi and Chisomo are now two beautiful and tall young girls. They don’t need to walk very far to get water anymore, as we have our own well, given to the entire village. Not only did they finish the 8 grades in our school, but the girls are now in high school, dreaming about becoming nurses. The Lord worked in their hearts and the twins have given their lives to Jesus many years ago! Now we can talk about hope, future and faith.

These two pictures tell a story, the story of their salvation! God saved them from the penalty of their sin and God saved them from sure hunger and death.

Thank you to all who pray and give! Lives are being changed here!!!

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