Ministry Report: May 24 – June 1

Between May 24 and June 1 we had a mission team from Oklahoma, led by Pastor David, who came over to help us and help the ministry in Malawi.

This is a list of activities done during that period of time:

May 24 – Arrival at Chileka Airport in Blantyre. Their flight arrived at 3:15 PM local time. After having dinner in Blantyre, we drove home to Zomba, ready for what the next few days will bring.

May 25 – Orientation and School. After breakfast we had a time called “Orientation”, in which I go through all the guidelines mission teams need to know in order to help, not hinder, the ministry in Malawi. There are ministry related facts they need to know, as well as important cultural practices. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, while the US is one of the richest. Cultures differ, mentality differ and just about everything else is different. Truly, Malawi is another world and I believe this Orientation time is not only very important, but it is the foundation for a successful mission trip. Once we were done, we headed over to Kachere, where our Hope for the Future Primary School had a “Quiz Time”. This is a public competition aimed at encouraging the kids to perform better in school while rewarding the best of them.

May 26 – Preparation for baptism. Being the Saturday before the baptism, we went to Nasedegu where we met with the candidates for baptism. We heard their stories, visited some houses and checked the river and place for baptism.

May 27 – Baptism in Nasedegu. We had an amazing time in the village, where 11 people got baptized for the first time ever in this place. Many villagers came to see the event.

May 28 – Feeding Centers visit. That day we visited both Feeding Centers, taking different gifts to these children: sleeping mats, blankets, hats, toys and candies.

May 29 – 30 – Evangelistic Camp in Seven and Nkotima. In both these villages we have churches but we’ve never organized camps before, so we used this opportunity to share the Gospel to hundreds of children. We played with them, we ate with them and then we preached to them the Gospel. Many children professed Jesus in each village. May God be glorified.

May 31 – Souvenirs & Sightseeing. This was their last full day in Malawi. In the morning they did some shopping and after that we rented two 4x4s and we took the bad road going all the way to the Zomba Plateau. We had a great time together up there, enjoying the amazing views across Malawi all the way towards Mozambique.

June 1 – Departure. At 6:30 AM we left for the airport and the team boarded their flight at around 9.

The team from OK stayed only 6 full days with us, but accomplished a lot for the glory of God. Most, if not all of them, were pushed out of their comfort zones a few times and God showed up in their lives. We believe God works best through us when we leave our comfort zone. Every member of the team brought value to our ministry and we look forward to having them back next year.

Next on our calendar is a visit from a couple from US, who come as interns, in order to find out if this is the place where God wants them full time. Initially they were supposed to arrive on Sunday, June 3, but their flights got cancelled and their new arrival time is Tuesday, June 5. They will stay with us until June 14 and, during that time, we will show them the ministry in Malawi. We pray God will work and, if it is His will, He will place on their hearts where and how they can be involved.

Ministry Report: May 24 - June 1

Sunday in Nasedegu

Ministry Report: May 24 - June 1

People in Nasedegu going to the water

Ministry Report: May 24 - June 1

Baptizing, with pastor David

Ministry Report: May 24 - June 1

Baptism in Nasedegu

Ministry Report: May 24 - June 1

Evangelistic Camp in Seven

Ministry Report: May 24 - June 1

Children eating at the camp in Nkotima

Ministry Report: May 24 - June 1

Gifts to the orphans in Mpyupyu

Ministry Report: May 24 - June 1

Gifts to the orphans in Kachere

Ministry Report: May 24 - June 1

With the team at Songani Lookout – Zomba Plateau

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