Samuel & Linesi Mandala

Most of you have never met my team here in Malawi and are probably wondering what is going to happen with the ministry while my family will go on sabbatical. You may just want to know who are the ones who help us every single day, what are their names, roles and responsibilities.

In this article I want to introduce to you Samuel and Linesi Mandala.

Samuel & Linesi Mandala

Samuel and Linesi are the latest additions to our team here in Africa. Together, Samuel (40) and Linesi (39) have 3 children: Florence (19), Martha (16) and Kevin (13).

Samuel joined the team because we needed someone to oversee the implementation of Farming God’s Way courses in the villages. Soon after he came on board, we realized he has even more talents than we thought, and right now his main responsibility revolves around the work with the Bible School. He assists Stanley in the translation work and is the main interpreter for all our foreign teachers. Samuel is also an excellent driver, with a vast experience and knowledge when it comes to the roads of Malawi, what are the best and safest routes, etc.

Linesi is working part-time with Hope for the Future in Malawi and she assists Doreen (Stanley’s wife) in the kitchen when we provide food for the students or pastors who attend the School or any other meetings.

In our absence, Samuel will pick up and drop off to the airport all our visitors. He will also take them around to the different aspects of the ministry. Samuel will also translate all our teachers and ensure the students are taken care of.

Linesi will continue to do the important job in ensuring everyone gets to eat at the end of a busy day.

You can read about the rest of the team by clicking on the following names: Stanley & Doreen, Misozi, Tendai.

You can read about our upcoming sabbatical leave here: Sabbatical.

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